Belly Button Pain in Women

Since the onset of belly button pain in women can mean so many different things, it is important to narrow down the possible causes, especially if there is a chance that there may be something seriously wrong requiring immediate medical help.  It should be comforting to know that most of the time, belly button and abdominal pain in women doesn’t mean that anything in particular is wrong or needs emergency attention. However, if the pain gets worse over time and shows no signs of going away, you probably do need to get a doctor to look at it.  The times when belly button pain in women could mean something serious is when you are pregnant, if you have had recent surgery, or if you have just started a new medication.

When dealing with abdominal pain when you are pregnant, it is usually a good idea to go see your doctor; though some pain is common during a pregnancy, overwhelming pain or constant pain is not.  With pregnancies, it is also best to err on the side of caution since belly button pain in women who are pregnant can signal trouble with the baby, especially later in the pregnancy.  Abdominal pain in women early in their pregnancy may be your body’s way of adjusting itself to carrying the baby, but it could also be caused by something that does need attention, like a fallopian pregnancy.

Belly button pain in women who have had surgery around their stomach is fairly common, especially when it was a particularly invasive surgery, such as to clear a blockage in the stomach or intestines, or have a stomach stapling.  With minimally invasive surgery, abdominal pain shouldn’t be too bad, and when you take into account the effect of painkillers, a procedure like liposuction should not be causing pain for more than a few days.  With any surgery, if you still experience very sharp pains or constant pain that doesn’t seem to be getting better with time, it is time to see a doctor.  Since infections can take hold a couple of days after a surgery, they may not be caught by a doctor before you leave the hospital.  Infections can cause abdominal pain in women and does need to be treated as soon as possible.

New medications often have unexpected and unintended effects on your body. Stomach pain in women can be caused by this, especially if the meds are being taken for a previously existing stomach problem.  Unknown allergies can also cause pain around your belly button if your body has an adverse reaction as your intestines absorb the medicine into your system.  If a new medication makes you feel ill or you have side effects that your doctor didn’t mention to you, it would be wise to call your doctor as soon as possible in order to either get an explanation or to have your medication dose changed or discontinued.

Belly button pain in women can be caused by a number of maladies, so it is hard to know exactly what course of action to take without speaking to a doctor.  However, if you recognize whether abdominal pain is getting worse or not improving, you can give your doctor information he can use to make a diagnosis, and get you on track to feeling better.

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