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Pain Behind Belly Button

All of us have had some sort of abdominal pain or stomach pain at one point or another in our lives. It becomes concerning, however, if it is recurring, is accompanied by a fever, or is so painful you can’t function normally. Some types of pain behind belly button may be not serious, and can be approached with a wait and see attitude. Other types of belly button pain are more severe and should be treated immediately.

Many people, women particularly, are susceptible to belly button pain. There is a ligament which runs from behind the belly button to the bladder which can become irritated or inflamed from time to time. It is more common in women who experience frequent bladder infections, and is usually not reason for concern itself. The pain will usually begin to subside and go away on its own once the bladder infection is treated.

Umbilical hernias are also something which can cause pain behind belly button. They can happen to anybody at any time, including babies and children. In adults, they are more common in overweight women, and frequently occur after pregnancy. In many cases if the hernia is small, it is something which will just be watched to make sure it doesn’t get any worse as surgery is sometimes more complicated than the hernia itself. In severe cases, or if there is an extreme amount of pain, surgery will be required to repair the hernia.

Another common cause for pain behind the belly button is appendicitis. It can start off as generalized abdominal pain, accompanied by a fever. It will then begin to localize and shift to the lower right side of the abdomen, but in many cases will remain intense behind the belly button. Appendicitis can be extremely dangerous if not treated. Emergency surgery is necessary to remove the inflamed appendix. If the appendix ruptures, there can be severe health complications, which is why abdominal pain accompanied by a fever is usually taken very seriously. The surgery for appendicitis is common, and recovery is often very fast.

Another cause for pain behind the belly button may be related to digestive issues. It could be lactose intolerance, gas, rotovirus, or constipation causing the pain. Most of these don’t require any kind of medical intervention, and drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding foods which can cause digestive issues will help resolve the issue. Rotovirus, or the stomach flu, is something which has to run its course – usually within a day or two.

Abdominal pain of any kind can certainly cause discomfort and misery. In most cases the cause of pain behind belly button is not severe. Most can be resolved with little to no intervention. If, however, the pain is severe or accompanied by a fever, it is important to seek emergency medical attention immediately as it could be an indication of a severe problem.