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Abdominal Pain Around the Belly Button

Many people suffer with abdominal pain around the belly button from time to time. What causes this pain, which can cause everything from annoyance  to agony – and what can be done to alleviate it?  Well, the pain can actually be coming from one of three different areas around the belly button: the skin, the muscles, or the underlying tissue and bone.  Often a simple upset stomach may be to blame for pain in the upper stomach, but there can be potentially dangerous medical conditions associated with the pain as well.

Skin conditions are usually easy to spot, especially when they affect the epidermis, and can be the cause of some pain and discomfort around your upper stomach.  Since the skin around your belly button is a lot more sensitive than it is in other areas, a problem may be  more likely to manifest itself there than elsewhere, especially if you are having a reaction to something that may have touched you near the affected area.  Abdominal pain around the belly button is not uncommon if you were to have brushed up against, for example, some poison ivy. In that scase, aloe vera would help to soothe the pain.  If it is something less obvious that’s causing reddening or blistering and causing a lot of upper stomach pain, you may need to see a dermatologist (or if the pain is sharp, a doctor) as soon as possible.

Muscles cause abdominal pain around the belly button when they are pulled or strained, usually after either a workout or some sort of heavy lifting.  This kind of muscle soreness usually does not mean that there is an underlying condition, but nevertheless it is important to give yourself enough time to rest so your muscles can heal themselves.  If you suspect that the cause is more than just a muscle pull, or if your upper stomach pain becomes too much to handle, you should let your doctor know. He can probably tell you whether immediate action is required, or if an appointment is necessary to help figure out exactly what is going on.

When you have deep abdominal pain around your belly button, especially pain that gets worse when you eat or drink something, you could be experiencing a problem in your stomach or intestines.  In cases like these, it is almost always best to call your doctor and explain your symptoms. Pains like these usually won’t go away on their own, and most of the time they do point to an underlying cause.  Ulcers can cause immense pain in your upper stomach and need to be treated before they become worse.  Cancerous and benign tumors can also cause pain in this area and both require immediate medical care.

When dealing with abdominal pain around your belly button, you should take notes of exactly what symptoms you are experiencing so that your doctor has the most information possible in order to make an informed diagnosis.  If the pain is crippling or if you suspect that your upper stomach pain was caused from trauma or poisonous substances, then you do need to go to the emergency room immediately.